Quick Tips: Millefiori Jewelry Starts

Posted by Babette Ogawa on

Most fusers work in 96 COE, 90 COE or Float Glass. I enjoy mixing it up a bit at times and working with a soft glass from Italy. 

Millefiori is Italian for a thousand flowers.

Click and go to millefiori at Rocky Mountain Glass Crafts

Millefiori has many uses in the fuser's workshop.

  • Fuse large slices for earrings and bracelets
  • Arrange Millefiori into shapes and fuse for fun and funky pendants
  • Cast pendants and earrings using millefiori and compatible frits

These crosses go together in seconds. Choose your mille slices and arrange on your kiln shelf with the edges touching. Fuse to desired effect. Some of these are tack fused, some are full fused.




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