BELL SCROLL Pre-cut Glass Kit YOU MAKE IT Bevels Wire Instruction Studio One

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The bells scroll kit features three colorful bells between clusters of holly and berries. Four faceted round jewels adorn this piece as well. Each kit contains instructions, the cut glass pieces, the wire, and any beads or findings that may be required to complete your kit.

We recommend that you assemble your kit using small gauge hobby lead (not included), although, many have had success assembling our kits using the copper foil method.

Dimensions: 6” x 16”
SKU: 9762

You supply: basic glass tools, a soldering iron, solder, hobby size lead (1/16" face), flux.

Important: This is a kit, not a finished product. This item is shipped in the manufacturer's box. You supply the stained glass tools (soldering iron) and consumables (metals, flux, solder, etc.) as well as the experience in stained glass construction to complete the kit. 

Strongest when assembled in lead came available separately. (3/32" face 5/32" channel width.)