Rocky Mountain Glass Crafts


Rocky Mountain Glass Crafts was established in 2001 when I took $1,000 in seed money and purchased my first store stock. I kept rolling those profits into more store stock until I started to have enough left over to take a salary. It has grown to the point where a person can make a good living while having a lot of freedom.   

We are resellers of the best known glass crafting supplies in the business and have strong relationships with a wide variety of vendors. 

We are among the top 10% purchasers from one of the largest distributors North America. (D&L Art Glass, Denver, CO.) This is a small industry and we are an industry leader. 

We also produce (manufacture) our own line of accessory glass. 

This business is run by one full time person.

We have maintained the highest customer ratings throughout our history. 

Current Sales Venues

There are currently three etsy stores, one eBay store, one private website and an Amazon presence. (entire line) (stained glass supplies) (lampworking supplies) (fusing supplies) (private website)

Productivity Systems

We have a wide internet presence because in our industry, we need to get to where the buyers are. All of our stores are managed under two central systems. The first is a central inventory system. All of our products are shared by the various venues and tracked in this system.

The first photo shows my dashboard where I can see current sales data. The second photo illustrates how I know what's listed in which store. I can put in a stock number and it shows me where the items are listed.




In addition to a central inventory system, we use a central shipping system. In this system all of our orders are loaded into a shipping label program to efficiently purchase postage for and label our orders. 

Current Physical Space

The business is currently run from a room that measures about 600 square feet. The warehouse is arranged as a store would be and all of our 4,000 plus different items have a section and a spot by art form. 

Inventory and Sales Data 

Our inventory flips very quickly. The wholesale value of our inventory as of June 30, 2020 is $48,836. The retail value is variable. 

In the last 12 months we have had $258,883 in product and postage sales for a net profit of $ redacted. (While considered accurate, these numbers have not been confirmed.)

Customer Loyalty

We have maintained an immaculate selling record with incredible customer satisfaction on all of our venues. We have a very loyal customer base and a large number of repeat buyers. 

Growth Potential

This business is scaled to be run by one person. At this point there is no direct marketing done. I rely totally on organic SEO to drive people to the business. We have a large collection of email addresses stored through our central shipping system that has never been utilized. The best way to grow this business would be to utilize those contacts and do direct marketing. 

Also, we're completely land-locked. Our shelves and wall units are full. More space would allow for ordering in in larger quantities which would increase profitability. Right now our inventory is wide (thousands of products) but shallow (only a few of each item in stock). 

Our insurance doesn't allow us to have people in our warehouse. Although I have a local customer base, they're required to order online and do a will call pickup. Having a retail as well as online presence would allow for growth.