Dichroic Glass Twelve 2x4" Pieces Laser Etched Pattern Set on Black 96 COE

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* A very nice selection of laser etched patterns on 2x4" sheets of thin black glass. 

* The sampler includes 12 different patterns (each set may be different) and you'll get a good variety.  

* Retail: $136   

* Samples measure 2 inches x 4 inches each and there are 12 pieces! That's a lot of square inches of dichroic for the money! 

* These may contain small clip marks on the edges where the clips held the glass while it was being coated. Each pack is a little different.

Spectrum offers a broad line of specially formulated "Tested Compatible" glass for the Hot-Glass arts. These products have been Expansion-Matched to a nominal C.O.E. of 96 then factory-tested for fusing compatibility. Each glass has been carefully formulated for multi-fire devit resistance. Though they may look the same as their stained glass products, Spectrum "Tested Compatible" glasses are fundamentally different in their basic chemistry, designed to deliver an excellent working range and superior stability for glass fusing, slumping and other Hot-Glass pursuits.