BEZEL WIRE FINE SILVER 4x1mm thin step 26 ga thick step 20 gauge 1 ft Metal Clay

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Precious metal wrapping wire from Rocky Mountain Glass Crafts is American-made and superior quality.

BEZEL WIRE FINE SILVER 4x1mm thin step 26 gauge thick step 20 gauge 1 foot long.

Customize step bezels to fit lapidary treasures in a variety of shapes and sizes with smooth, fine silver bezel wire. Bezel wire is an economical solution for creating open-backed settings for cabochons and faceted stones. Fine silver bezel wire can be used with Art Clay®.

To use, wrap the bezel wire around the stone, setting the stone just above the step ledge, cut and solder the ends together. The stone will sit on the ledge. Burnish around the stone to secure.

Buying Wrapping Wire

Hardness: Dead-Soft wire is extremely malleable and can be bent easily into a myriad of shapes. Half-hard wire is malleable; however, it will maintain an intricate shape under stress. Full-hard wire holds its shape for wire-wrapping jewelry. Its tempered nature holds intricate designs well.

Helpful hint: At Handworks Studio we use dead soft wire for intricate wire wrapping projects and then "harden" it in a rock tumbler. That way, we get the benefits of working with soft wire with the end result of a piece that's extremely sturdy.

Gauge sizes: The larger the gauge number, the smaller the wire profile. Just remember that this wire goes through a series of gauges making it smaller each time. The larger the number of gauges it's been through, the smaller the wire becomes. Measurements for some of our more popular gauges are found below.

18ga: .040" 1.024mm (That's 4/100 of an inch.)
20ga: .032" .812mm
22ga: .025" .644mm
24ga: .020" .511mm
26ga .016" .405mm

Profiles: Wrapping wire comes in a variety of shapes or profiles.
  • Round wire is completely round.
  • Half round wire has a semi-circle profile. It's a full round wire cut in half lengthwise and is half as thick as a full round profile wire of the same gauge.
  • Square wire is square. There are also decorative strips that fall under the wrapping wire category.