BEAD RAKE 8" Long Lampworking Supplies Marble Glass Bead Making Tools

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Bead rake can be used to manipulate molten glass by dragging, raking, feathering, or swirling the surface.  It can be used to make air bubbles or poke holes through the glass. 8" long (203mm) A lightweight versatile beadmaker's tool. Serves as a rake or dimpling tool and has many other uses. Knurled grip for positive handling with plated steel ends. Weighs less than 1 oz. (28g).

The perfect size ~ 8 inches

Stuck glass? Heat your rake in the flame and "cold plunge" it in cold water. Any glass should break off.

  • Etched mid section for a great grip   
  • Stainless steel with low heat transfer   
  • Use "cold" to manipulate molten glass   
  • Use to rake for feathering, dragging, or raking