2 Piece Diamond Hole Saw Set 80 Grit Size 1" 1/2" Diameter Circles 1/4" Shank

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2 Piece Diamond Hole Saw Set, Grit 80, Shank 1/4-Inch. 

Useful for cutting holes in tile, glass, marble, gemstones, slate and while doing construction, home improvement, hobby and craft work. 

Features of our product include: 

* Diamond hole saw size (inch): 1/2 and 1 inch 
* Grit: 80 
* Diamond coated tips
* Nickel plated
* 1/4" shank size
* Use with eye protection

Important: No instructions are included

Quick tip: When using this to cut circles in glass 1. fill a pan with water. 2. place a sponge in the pan. 3. Place your glass on top of the sponge and make sure it's covered with about 1/2 of water. 4. Cut your circle over the sponge so it stays cool and well lubricated. Practice a few times to get the hang of it. There is a learning curve.