2 Piece SET BEAD RAKE O Ring Hook & Scribe Set

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This scribe and O ring Hook kit are perfect for lampworking. 
Rake (scribe) can be used to manipulate molten glass by dragging, raking, feathering, or swirling the surface. 
  • Length: 8- 1/2” & 9 -1/2” • 
  • Double Ended Tips: Straight and Bent 
  • Hook and 90° O-Ring 
  • Hardened Steel Tips 
Stuck glass? Heat your rake in the flame and "cold plunge" it in cold water. Any glass should break off. Etched mid section for a great grip     Stainless steel with low heat transfer     Use "cold" to manipulate molten glass     Use to rake for feathering, dragging, or raking