210.73 Vanilla Cream Creme Opal SHORTY Less Than 6x6 Inch 96 COE Sheet Glass

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Spectrum glass is easy to cut, less expensive than other glass formulated for fusing, and is available in a huge variety of colors and textures. We carry over 250 compatible items for your fusing workshop. No glass will give you a more consistent result whether you're a beginner or advanced glass artist.

What are shorties? I cut hundreds of sheets of glass every month. If those sheets don't measure correctly, have a flaw, or don't meet my picky standards, they're shorties. What I have is listed. Check back for new styles.

Buying a bunch? Most people do. Just choose the best shipping option for your zip code during the checkout process.

Size: These can all be trimmed up to be at least 5 1/2 x 5 1/2" square. Some are missing a small corner, some are just a fraction of an inch short on one side. Some have a wavy factory edge. Bottom line: They didn't meet my picky standards. They're all 3mm standard thickness unless otherwise indicated.

Opals are opaque. Transparents shed light.

Glass markings: All glass is marked either with a Spectrum factory sticker or in silver Sharpie for your convenience. Silver "Sharpie" is easily removed with rubbing alcohol or window cleaner.

COE: 96 This glass can be mixed and fused with any glass that is the same COE. COE measures how quickly a glass expands and contracts during the fusing processes. All glass that is "melted" or fused into a single piece must be compatible.

Notes on Color: The stock photos shown here are a sample representations of the glass you will receive. THEY ARE NOT PHOTOGRAPHS of the individual sheets you will receive. We have tried photographing the glass in our own studio and find that the images (courtesy of Spectrum) give the best representation of the glass. These show very true to color on my monitor, but your monitor may vary.

As these start to come back in, they'll most likely be new stock from OGT for Spectrum Glass. The glass we're seeing is identical to the glass from the old factory. There may be a few more seeds or edge ripples than what you're used to and some minor color variations within solid sheets. These are BEAUTIFUL sheets of glass.

Combined Shipping: Just add your items to the shopping cart and they'll calculate automatically.  I can fit up to 12 six by six inch sheets of glass in a Medium Flat Rate box. Any leftover postage is refunded when I print your label.