317.02F Pale Amber White Mix Shorty Less Than 6 x 6 Inch Spectrum System 96 Sheet Glass 3mm

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A minimum order of four small sheets is always appreciated!

Shipping Special: Order 10 or more 6" (single) sheets or small shorties and we'll charge you a flat $9.95 postage including expert packing. Pay whatever the postage calculator says and we'll refund the difference when we print your label. US only!  

Spectrum glass is easy to cut, less expensive than other glass formulated for fusing, and is available in a huge variety of colors and textures.  We carry over  250 compatible items for your fusing workshop.  No glass will give you a more consistent result whether you're a beginner or advanced glass artist.  

Shorty: 5 1/2" square or larger and 3mm thick. These might have a corner chip, not be perfectly square or have another minor flaw that makes them not meet my picky standards. 

Glass markings:  All glass is marked either with a Spectrum factory sticker or in silver Sharpie for your convenience.  Silver "Sharpie" is easily removed with rubbing alcohol or window cleaner.