Best Seller Set 15 Adorable Tear, Heart & Flower Clay PMC Kato Poly Cutters

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Clay shape cutter set, steel, (5) 18x18mm-44x37mm graduated hearts, (5) 17x9mm-45x15mm graduated teardrops and (5) 11x10mm-30x29mm graduated flowers. Sold per set.

Great set of steel clay cutting shapes ideal for use with polymer, metal clay, Apoxie® Sculpt and other mediums. Each set contains three shapes--teardrop, flower and heart--in five different graduated sizes.

  • Heart sizes: 18x18mm, 23x23mm, 29x29mm, 33x33mm and 44x37mm.
  • Flower sizes: 11x10mm, 15x14mm, 19x18mm, 25x23mm and 30x29mm.
  • Teardrop sizes: 17x9mm, 25x11mm, 32x13mm, 38x15mm and 45x15mm.