FLEXIBLE CABOCHON CAB MOLD Push for PMC Poly Art Clay Ovals Rectangles Squares

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Deep Flex™ molds are heavy-duty flexible plastic molds for use with ice resin, polymer clay and more. Reusable molds are versatile and can be used to embed seed beads, watch parts and more in ICE Resin®, as well as to hold and form clay materials while you add embellishments. Create one-of-a-kind cabochons in assorted shapes including rectangles, squares and ovals.

Important: This is a push mold. Do not bake your creations in this mold.

The little dots on the wells that you see on the photograph are on the backside of the mold. The wells are perfectly smooth.

Mold contains:
(2) 21x15mm rectangles
(2) 17x17mm squares
(2) 15x15mm squares
(2) 16x12mm ovals
(3) 19x14mm ovals
(1) 20x15mm oval
(2) 32x24mm oval