ECLECTIC Waterslide Transfers Lisa Pavelka SOLDERED ART PENDANT PICTURES Images

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Transfer images to clay, paper, metal and other mediums using Waterslide Transfers by artist Lisa Pavelka. With just water and scissors, images easily transfer with fool-proof results. The Eclectic Vintage Collection contains 50-60 masterpiece images in Domestic, Western, Cosmetic and Labels sets. Instructions included. Made in the USA.

Lisa's Tips

• When using with clay, layer your transfers over Lisa Pavelka's Signature Series Clay Foils. Light colors work best.

• Apply over stamped or mica powdered clay for unique effects.

• For surfaces with curvature on all sides, cut small slits into the edges of the transfer to form fit. Conceal edges with a decorative border of clay or other material.

• Store unused transfers in a cool, dry place.