8" Mini Melt Pot Bowl Glass Fusing Supplies Reusable Ceramic Mold

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Stack your fusible scrap glass into this sturdy ceramic pot mini melt bowl to create a unique marbled glass.

Rest your glass filled bowl on 8" Mini Melt - Ceramic Casting Ring inside the kiln. (The mini melt ring is sold separately.)

Once hot, the glass will flow out of the opening and onto a lined kiln shelf below.

Important Measurements:

This pot measures about 9 inches across by 3" tall.

When it's on the ring (sold separately) it measures about 5 3/4" tall.

This is a big pot melt. I'm not sure why they call it an 8" pot melt and I'm not sure why it's called a mini pot melt.

A youtube video tutorial is available for this mold. Search Slumpy's Mini Melt Tutorial.

Another youtube video turial is available for this mold. Search mini melt D&L.

IMPORTANT: This is one part of a two part system. This bowl fits into the mini melt 8" ring sold in my store. Search for part number: SM MM8B