8 oz Dichroic Tie Dye patterns on Wissmach Textured Black System 96 1/2-lb Scrap

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This half-pound bag of dichroic scrap glass comes in a random variety of patterns & textures. All scrap-pack glass assortments will vary. Each is different. The pack pictured is a sample representation. It is NOT the pack you will receive.
COE: 96

Weight: About 8 ounces (weights vary slightly)

DichroMagic® coating from Austin Thin Films is perfect for a variety of applications including fused jewelry, tiles, lampworked beads, slumped bowls, blown paperweights, and cast sculpture. DichroMagic is designed to not only withstand fusing and firing temperatures, but also work well with stained glass and architectural applications. Upon firing, DichroMagic produces a unique crazing pattern depending on the color, glass texture, glass thickness, coating color, and fusing technique. The dichroic coating will fuse readily to uncoated glass. In general, two dichroic layers will not fuse directly to each other. Do Not Soak DichroMagic in Water. The acidity of the water etches the coating off.