Color Line Basic Enamel Paint Pen Set for Ceramics and Fused Glass

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Color Line, Basic set, 18 x 2.2 oz (62 g), 1 Tip Set, 1 Empty Bottle for Mixing

Colors included:
Aquamarine, Black, Blue, Brown, Deep Sky Blue, Carmine, Coral, Egyptian Blue, Green, Lilac, Lemon, Maroon, Mustard, Orange, Royal Blue, Sienna, White, Yellow.

Set also includes:
Tip set (styles vary)
Mixing Bottle

About Color Line
Create permanent imagery on glass just as you would on canvas with Color Line paints. These ready-to-use enamel paints come in a range of intense colors for painting, airbrushing and more. Squeeze bottles can be used as lining pens or combined with the Tip Set for finer lines. Get exactly the amount you need, so there's little waste.

Technical Details
The firing range is from 700°C to 820°C (1300°F to 1510°F). Mixable to obtain additional shades. Homogenous and smooth in a water-based medium. Lead-free, environmentally friendly. Auxiliary products are also lead-free.

Here is a link to the instruction booklet: