DichroMagic DICHROIC FRIT on BLACK Austin Thin Films System 96 COE Dichro Magic

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This great new product has so many uses.  DichroMagic coating from Austin Thin Films is perfect for a variety of applications including fused jewelry, tiles, lampworked beads, slumped bowls, blown paperweights and cast sculpture.  DichroMagic is designed to withstand fusing and firing temperatures without burnoff.

Upon firing, DichroMagic produces a unique crazing pattern.  This will fuse easily to compatible, uncoated glass.

Packaged in handy three ounce zipper bag which is a lot of frit.  This frit has a rainbow of colors on 96 COE black substrate and would be considered a little larger than coarse frit. )These no longer come in the jar shown in the 3rd scan. They come in a bag.