FAN OUT LEAD Pattern Shears STAINED GLASS Pro FANOUT Mosaics & Came Scissors

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Congratulations! You have great taste in stained glass tools.  I still have the first pair of Fan Out pattern shears I ever purchased (in 1999) and they're still the ones I use in my studio.  Even after years of heavy use, they're still sharp, straight and accurate.

Lead Shears Stained Glass Pattern Shears ~ Fan Out ~ The best stained glass pattern shears on the market! The ones I use in my studio

Lead shears are special three bladed scissors that remove a tiny strip of material when cutting out patterns for stained glass fabrication.  Lead shears remove enough material to make up for the came that will go between the pieces of glass so your project doesn't "grow" as you assemble it.

  • Stainless steel blades   
  • Comfortable plastic handles   
  • Simply the best ~ Famous Fan Out quality!