Wholesale! Pro grade! 5 GLASS NAIL FILES w/case Add Glass Art Set Assort 5 3/8"

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Crystal Glass Nail Files - Ready for your art! These European made, premium quality, crystal glass nail files never wear down and look fantastic. Simply glue dichroic glass art to the handle for a beautiful & practical gift item. All files include a black suede case for storage.   These are the finest quality files available.  There are "look alikes" on eBay but they don't come close to matching the quality.

5 color assortment.  5-3/8" long Medium.

Tempered glass files are spa quality & may be sterilized with heat, autoclave, liquid and UV lighting. Frequent use reduces nail chipping and peeling. Dip in water for a flawless finish; can be used on artificial nails as well.

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