BLACK GLASTAR Glas-snappers Running Plier Glass Snappers Line Breaking

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For most glass cutting (breaking) jobs, I recommend a pair of metal running pliers. For times when you need to cut very thin slices of glass or if you are cutting 2mm glass, these are the perfect tool for the job.

Running pliers, also known as line pliers are used to break glass along a score line instead of using your hands or two pairs of pliers.

The Glass-Snapper is a running plier for 1/8" or thinner glass. The trigger action makes it easier and faster to break out difficult cuts that may be impossible by hand.

Operation is easy - Score your glass with a glass cutter. Hold one side of the glass with one hand. Push the glass into the Glas-Snapper jaws about 1/4" to 1/2" deep, lining up the scoreline with the center ridges in the Glas-Snapper. Gently squeeze. The glass will separate and break away, down from you. The glass piece you are not holding will fall away.