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2" SIX PIECES Precut System 96 COE GLASS CIRLCES Choice of Color Fusing Supplies

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Cutting the perfect circle out of glass by hand is next to impossible and can be frustrating at times.

Precut circles save time so you can concentrate on being creative!

Additionally they can be used in a variety of glass working projects from fused jewelry pendants to beautiful plates and platters.

Precut circles can also be used as a design element in traditional stained glass panels and projects!

Ideas: Add fusible decals, dichroic glass and precut shapes, DicroSlide, fusible photo paper, glass paints, and more to create custom fused art, jewelry, and more.

These precut glass shapes and pre cut glass kits are proudly produced in the United States of America out of glass made in the USA!

Here Today Gone Tomorrow: Our inventory moves FAST. Avoid disappointment by purchasing items that are important to you while they're still in stock.

Glass Thickness: 3mm These two inch circles come in packages of six pieces, all one color.

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