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GLASS FRIT MEDIUM Uroboros System 96 COE Full Size 8.5 oz Jars Many Choices $5.95 Shipping Special

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How to purchase: Use the pull down menu above to choose your color.

Shipping Special: Buy three or more bottles of frit with $5.95 Shipping Special in the title and we'll ship the frit for a flat $5.95. Your excess postage paid will be refunded when we print your label. If you search " $5.95 " they'll all come up for you for easier shopping. US only.

Frit is good for so many fusing projects!  Use it to fill casting molds, as an embellishment, to draw and make pictures and to fill air spaces in your fused glass projects.

Frit comes in five different sizes. Powder resembles powdered sugar. Fine resembles sugar. Medium resembles sugar sprinkles. Coarse is bigger than rice kernels. Mosaic has pieces from about 1/4 to 1/2 inch and larger.

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