2 oz 1/2" Glass SQUARES Chips Spectrum System 96 COE Uroboros Fusing 31 Choices

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These precut glass squares are the perfect start or finish to so many great projects!

You will receive 2 ounces of precut chips which yields about 44 pieces depending on the color.

The mixed bags have a random mix. I pull them one at a time and they have at least 10 colors and no more of four of each color, but you will get what's on hand when we pack the bags.

Expect a few irregular pieces.  These are hand-cut.

Fun fact: It takes about an hour to cut and pack four packs of little squares.    

  • Tack fuse them to the edges of a plate for a fun and funky relief border.   
  • Stack them and full fuse for perfect earrings; they'll round out during the fusing process.   
  • Make mosaic pictures and fuse for plates, candle gardens, trivets, and wall art.   
  • Make fused glass quilts.   
  • Make your own "little pebbles" by putting these in the kiln and running through a full fuse.
  • This is a product that cuts time dramatically while making you look like a pro! I love products like that.
  • Tested compatible for great results every time. 96 COE.