Great Gadget! 1 Single FID'L STIK Jumpring Maker + Fid + Burnisher Studio K Fiddle Stick Stained Glass Supplies

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Comfortable and easy to handle.

You don't have to be an engineer to figure it out!

Jump ring size: 7.5mm / 3/10"

Angled top is perfect for flattening corners

Rounded end smooths out foil without tearing

Assorted Colors (We'll choose for you!)

The angled point cleans up polish and grout around solder/came without marring

Specially designed for making jump rings

Pocket clip protects against loss ~ clips to clothing, doesn't roll when laid down

Made in the USA!

Quantity: One tool (random color)

If color is really important to you, please email me before you purchase and I'll tell you if that color is available.