KOI FISH 90 COE Pre Cut Glass Cluster Fusing Mosaics 3 9/16" x 6 11/16"

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Size: 3 9/16" x 6 11/16" 

Design contains 11 individual glass pieces with pattern. 

Glass Manufacturer: Bullseye Glass Company  Opaque Orange - BE012530F  Opaque White Tekta - BE0113038F 

Glass Thickness: 3mm 

Glass Manufacturer: Uroboros Glass by Oceanside Glass & Tile Opaque Black - UR635690F  Glass Thickness: 3mm 

© 2001 Ann Novotney (revised 2014) 

This multiple piece COE90 precut fusible glass koi fish is made of vibrant opaque orange, opaque black, and opaque white glass. This precut glass design can be used in a mosaic or stepping stone project, foil and solder into a traditional stained glass project, or glass fusing projects. 

Get Creative! 

Create a mosaic fish wall hanging with bubbles, flowers, and more or a suncatcher by foiling and soldering the koi fish together. You can also create an awesome floating candle dish for your outdoor space. 

Waterjet cut in the USA!