Last One Orange BUTTERFLY Style 2 96 COE Glass Precut Mosaics and Fusing

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Size: 4" x 2 7/8"

Butterfly contains four individual glass pieces.
White thin butterfly base contains one glass piece that fits the four piece butterfly perfectly.

Glass Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass by Oceanside Glass & Tile
Translucent Rust (Orange) - SP5711SF
Opaque Black - SP1009SF
Glass Thickness: 3mm

© 2017 Joyce Novotney

Save glass cutting time with our convenient COE96 precut fusible glass butterflies - style 1! Create with friends and family to make spring and summer themed projects! Use them to create fused plates, platters, suncatchers or use them in your next mosaic or stained glass project. Also, available is a one piece butterfly cut from Spectrum white thin glass. Fuse the four piece butterfly to the white base and create a beautiful garden stake for you outdoor space.

Get Creative!
These awesome glass butterflies come in three colors for you to mix and match wings to make a unique combination of colors. We made a few butterfly garden stakes by mixing wing colors and then embellished them with polka dots and glass stringers.

Waterjet cut in the USA!