HOT HEAD Glass Beadmaking Torch Lampworking STARTER KIT MAKE GLASS BEADS

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Gas is not included. I've added a photo so you'll know what you're shopping for.

This is my best selling glass bead-making kit for good reason. It contains everything you'll need (except gas, which is available at home centers) to get started making glass beads the first day! This kit has a Hot Head torch the best simple torch head on the market.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • Step by step instructions: Basic instructions for making your first homemade beads
  • Hot Head torch: The unique design of this torch head produces a clean, hot flame with inexpensive propane or MAP/Pro gas.  The Turbo Torch design provides more oxygen to the burning gas, which minimizes any darkening of light colored glass. Dial at base adjusts the flow of fuel so you can easily control your flame. An inexpensive way to create flameworked glass and beads, Hot Head attaches to a MAP/Pro gas canister found at most hardware stores.
  • Heat resistant work surface: Shields your work area from fallen molten glass. (Styles vary.)
  • 10 pack of stainless steel bead mandrels
  • Bead rake: used to manipulate molten glass and create swirl effects on glass beads
  •  Rod scrubber
  • Shaping Marver Plate: Roll your molten bead on this two sided plate to shape and add interesting detail
  •  Bead release coating to keep your beads from sticking on your mandrel (Type varies with shipment.)
  •  Rod assortment: Italian glass rods in 104 COE soft glass in a variety of colors
  •  Bottle holder clamp assembly
  •  Fiber blanket: Used to anneal your finished beads up to 3/4" in diameter
  •  Millefiori Slices: make yourself look like a pro by adding these cool glass designs into your hot beads.

When using a Hot Head torch, didymium glasses are not necessary for safety, but do make it easier to see the glass in the flame.  You will need to protect your eyes from impact, however, using impact resistant safety glasses.  Please use all hot glass tools with due caution, protecting yourself and property!

Please note: This kit is amazing for glass lampworking crafts like bead making.  True glass blowing requires a mixed gas set-up.