12 19"+ Double Length Glass Rods POPULAR PICKS PACK Assortment Moretti Effetre

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This popular pack contains 12 extra long, standard width Moretti Rods. Included are (2) 004 Clear; 204 White; 064 Black; 054 Medium Blue; 436 Dark Red; 264 Ivory; 404 Yellow; 240 Medium Cobalt; 028 Light Emerald; 214 Nile Green; 044 Dark Amethyst. The rods are not marked but are easy to identify. These soft glass rods are imported from Italy. They are easy to melt and long working which makes them a favorite of many marble and bead makers. Moretti rods are a hand-made product. They vary from batch to batch in width and can even vary slightly in color.

Color name: Popular Picks

Color number: Assorted

Class (transparency): transparent, special colors; pastel

Length: 19-20"

Width: Standard

Bundle Weight: 12-13 ounces

Number of rods: 12

COE: 104