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This is a tool that no glass artist should do without. It cuts triangles, rectangles, diamonds and any other geometric shape easily. Its the best tool out there for cutting accurate strips for fusing, panel work, or mosaics. Just measure one time, then cut two or a hundred pieces - all identical!

Important: This requires a grid surface (super mini or larger) to work. The grid surfaces are sold separately.

The Portable Glass Shop has just what you need to get started! Inside you will find:

  • Sturdy metal cutting bar
  • Cutter Gauge
  • Small and medium squaring fences for regular or thin glass
  • New "fast angles" in 120, 60 and 90 degrees
  • Three quick angle setting guides
  • Squaring blocks
  • Bar locks
  • Ruler in standard and metric measurements
  • Glass Stops for easy adjustments
  • Bar Spacer Angle Copy Shuttle Strip
  • New: Cutter slide