Choose 2 Ounces 10-12 Pieces 2mm GLASS RODS Stringer Moretti Effetre 104 COE

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These soft glass, 104 COE rods are imported from Italy where they have been made by the same company using the same recipes for generations.

Stringer rods are 2mm wide on average (about the size of a spaghetti noodle) and are great for adding details to your lampworked and fused glass projects. They're great for dots and stripes and I love to use them to pull my own latticino. They can even be bent using the heat of an ordinary candle into shapes.

They are easy to melt and long working which makes them a favorite of many marble and bead makers.

Mixed stringer is made of a random mix of colors and transparencies.  I pull these carefully to make sure there are few if any duplicates.

Quantity/Weight: You will receive two ounces of rods. A two ounce bundle yields about 12 rods on average

Length: Approximately 13 inches long

Width: These are 2mm wide on average

COE: 104

Color Codes (by first number) Classifications:

  • If it starts with a 0 (004 clear, for example), it's a transparent color.
  • If it starts with a 2 (204 white, for example), it's a pastel color.
  • If it starts with a 4 (448 dark brown, for example), it's a special color.
  • The aventurine (sparkly rods) start with 9.

Variations: Moretti rods are a hand-made product. They vary from batch to batch in width and length and can even vary slightly in color.