39 CHOICES PASTELS Moretti Effetre 19"+- Glass Rods Single 104 COE Incl Handmade RARE!

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Four rods is my break-even point so orders of four or  more rods are appreciated.

These soft glass, 104 COE rods are imported from Italy where they have been made by the same company using the same recipes for generations.

Quantity: One rod (These are sold by the single rod. See my other listings for eight ounce bundles.)

Standard glass rods are 5mm on average but can vary. 

Important notes on handmade and hand-pulled rods:  These can vary quite a bit. We try to pull rods from the distributor that are as close as possible to standard width rods. To make sure you always get a good value, we price our rods based on weight.  If you are getting a very thin rod, you'll be charged less than you would if the rod was standard width.

Our rods are 1/2 meter or about 19" long, making for much less waste than standard short rods.

They are easy to melt and long working which makes them a favorite of many marble and bead makers.

COE: 104

Variations: Moretti rods are a hand-made product. They vary from batch to batch in width and length and can even vary slightly in color.