RED Fusible Precut Flower 96 COE Wispy Transparent-Semi Opaque 2 x 2 inches Spectrum System Mosaics

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Size: 2" x 2"

Design contains 5 individual glass pieces and 1 polka dot.

Due to the nature of wispy glass the flower petals will all be different.

Glass Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass Company
Opaque Red Wispy - OGT3591SF
Glass Thickness: 3mm

This is listed as opaque glass but I would call it semi-opaque (before fusing). I don't know what it matures to in the kiln.

© 2008 Ann Novotney

Get Creative!

The flower doesn't just have to be for fusing, because they are cut out of opaque glass you can use them for mosaics too!

Waterjet cut in the USA!