CLEARANCE! 4 4" BASEBALL BATS Casting Fusing MOLD Drawer Pull 6664 Last One!

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Mold purpose: Make great glass drawer pulls (hardware not included) with this finely detailed mold. This one is really nice. 

Measurements: Well size: 4X1" Mold Size: 6" x 9.25" x 1"

Skill level: Easy

These quality ceramic molds are produced by a leading supplier of clay glass slumping and fusing molds. They are manufactured and produced to Cone 04 with attention to creating a slump or glass fusing mold with a clean durable shape with low surface impurities. The molds' premium clay construction creates a smooth surface slump for great kiln formed glass results.

Important: Always apply several coats of your favorite glass separator to your molds. Glass will stick to and ruin your mold if you don't. Please measure your kiln before ordering.

Important: For standard electric glass kilns only. Do not use in a microwave kiln.