Stemmed Flowers 22kt Gold Decals Waterslide 4x4 inch Sheet Profusion Studios Mini

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Glass Accents ~ Decal Magic by Profusion Studios

I love these and use them all the time in my art. Sometimes I'll have some pendants that are kind of "meh" so I add a decal and they go from boring to amazing. I love this product.

* 4x4" Sheet
* These 22k gold, ultra luster decals are the perfect accent to you fused glass piece.
* These decals are easy to apply and fire best at 1250-1425 degrees F.
* Easy to use!
* Includes instructions.
* Packaging may vary

Helpful hint: To get an idea of size, get out your ruler. Each sheet measures 4x4". Some decals are quite tiny (all of the sea critters ones for example) and some are larger. The number of decals per sheet also varies.