TRUE LOVE Professional Stained Glass Starter Kit Grinder Soldering Tools + HUGE! FanOut Toyo Glastar

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We were the originators of the comprehensive stained glass starter kit and there are many imitators. The difference between us and them is quality. We simply will not sell you a stained glass starter kit that is filled with dip in oil cutters, under-sized, under-powered grinders and a bunch of filler to make the kit look larger.

This kit contains electronics with US electrical configurations. Use outside of the US may void your warranty.

Every component of our kits is studio quality and chosen to give you years of quality service. You will not grow frustrated with our tools or need to upgrade them once you master your new craft. You probably don't know the difference (yet) but we do, and we want to start you with a set that's going to provide years of enjoyment. You would expect to pay well over $537 for this kit at a stained glass store.

Your kit includes:

Soldering Tools:

Studio quality 100 watt soldering iron by Choice Stained Glass Tools
400 watt rheostat soldering iron control
Sturdy metal soldering iron stand
Coppermate paste flux 2 ounces
(2) acid quality flux brushes
60/40 stained glass solder by Choice

Foiling & Foiling Tools:

Flat fid for smoothing foil around glass pieces
Designer foiling knife for easily trimming foil
Foil: three roll 7/32" Silver, Black, and Copper-backed foil for stained glass. The best on the market and the most popular size.


Full size non-toxic cutter oil
Superbrite Copper Full size patina for lead lines (turns them copper)
Black Magic (turns solder lines black) full size patina
Full size grinder coolant (helps lubricate bits and glass for longer bit life)

Cutting Tools:

Toyo pistol grip rainbow SuperCutter with a tap wheel head.
Glastar glass cutting square. (Something I could not live without!)
Safety glasses (not pictured)

Glass Tools:

FanOut brand foil shears. These special three bladed pattern shears remove a tiny strip of paper from your patterns to make up for the foil that will go between your glass pieces during construction.
FanOut brand breaker/grozer pliers are used to break away small pieces of glass along the score line for perfectly fitting pieces.
Choice brand breaking (line) pliers. Just line them up to your score line and squeeze. They apply the pressure needed for clean breaks.

Glass & Patterns:

A small glass pack containing about one square foot of Spectrum glass-- great for suncatchers.
Glasseye trial edition CD containing 300 stained glass patterns. The patterns never expire and there are some great ones on this CD.

Bevel Cluster: I include this because assembling a bevel cluster is a great project when you're learning that will have you looking like a pro. You'll draw a pattern to frame your cluster in your choice of glass, then cut your pieces, foil your glass and bevel and assemble it. This project is a great confidence booster!

Glastar All Star G8 Stained Glass Grinder:

The All-Star is the grinder of choice for the art glass professional and is the standard all other grinders are judged against. For efficiency, performance, and reliability, there is no finer grinder available today. The All-Star is the only grinder that offers a built-in water pump/mini table which provides a surface to grind very small pieces of glass with a 1/4" grinding head.

A work surface 20% larger than any other grinder.
A motor which produces 67% more torque than its nearest competitor (motor speed 1/9 HP, 3560 RPM).
42 Inch-ounces breakdown torque.
Permanent split capacitor motor design, which results in smoother and quieter operation.
A glass eye shield with 8 X 9 lens that is more scratch-resistant than plastic lens
Permanently "bonded" diamond grinding surface on the 1" main grinding head and the 1/4" grinding/drilling head.
Roller-type adjustable straight edge guide.
Convenient coolant drain.
Flexible rubber splash guard.
Comes with Glastar's exclusive built-in accessory drawer