Wardell Glass Tattoo Starter Kit CHRISTMAS Tree Spinner Candle KT13 Goo Stencils

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KT13 Glass Tattoo Starter Kit – Christmas Designs SKU: KT13

Complete Beginner Kit with 3 Christmas Design Stencils 

This package contains 3 Glass Tattoo Stencils, 1 packet of Glass Tattoo Goo, 3 squeeze bottles, 2 suction lifter tabs and one spreader knife.

The Glass Tattoo system is easy. Start by adding the Glass Tattoo Goo powder to 1 cup of water to create the gel base. 

Now blend your colors using 1 part glass power to 1 part Glass Tattoo Goo gel then place your color mixtures into the squeeze bottles. 

Now stick the suction lifters onto the surface of one of the stencils ten place that stencil onto your base glass. 

Now begin to fill the stencil cavities one color at a time and use the spreader knife to smooth the surface of the color gel and remove any excess. 

When you have all cavities filled and smooth over, grasp the suction lifters and slowly pick the stencil straight up. The color will be left on your glass with straight clean edges. Now all you have to do is allow the Glass Tattoo Goo colors to dry (6 to 8 hours), then fire the glass in you kiln using your favorite fusing schedule (the kit includes some suggested schedules).

The KT13 Starter Kit includes: 

• RW202-Marley’s Candle 

• RW201-Parlor Perfect Tree 

• RW203-Spinner Bauble 

• An 8Gm packet of Glass Tattoo Goo (makes 1 cup of gel) 

• 3 Squeeze Bottles with applicator top. 

• A Spreader Knife 

• 2 Suction Lifter Tabs

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