Spectrum Uroboros Update!

It's been a long two plus years for all of us! I'm getting in my second shipment of Spectrum Colors this week. Some favorites will be back in stock and I'll be able to start manufacturing Colorado River Rock in the most popular colors as soon as this week. We're already starting to see a few colors of frit back in stock. 

The glass that's coming to me now is beautiful. There are a few more seeds than what we had with the US made glass, but the colors are uniform and the quality is what we've come to expect from Spectrum and Uroboros.  

Medium green transparent, hygrangea, yellow opal, dark green and persimmon should all be back in stock this week. We're doing a hApPy dance at Rocky Glass! Also you'll want to check out a few new colors of Fuser's Reserve that have been in the studio but not added to the catalog.

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