Lava Lamp Pendant Project ~ Invented at Handworks Studio!

Posted by Babette Ogawa on

What you'll need:

ZYP glass release spray

Pendant Casting Mold (I used the offset squares mold by Color De Verre)

Medium Frit 96 COE

Colorado River Rock Small & Medium 96 COE

Spray your pendant mold with ZYP. Line each compartment in the mold with a sprinkling of the frit color of your choice. On top of the frit, arrange the first layer of River Rock. Top with a small amount of frit and then repeat with another layer of River Rock.

Hint: If the River Rocks are touching, they'll "blob" for you into larger blobs. If they're apart, they'll reshape less. I like to combine the two ideas for a lava lamp look.

Full fuse and enjoy!

I like to spray my molds on a dark background so that I can see that the spray is even.


For best results, sprinkle the molds with frit and then add your first layer of Colorado River Rock.

Ready to go! It's like the night before Christmas.

Finished pieces. Enjoy!


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