Beauty School Dropout Plate

Posted by Babette Ogawa on

What you need:

6x6" Base (I used icicle clear)

3 1x6" strips (color one)

3 1x6" strips (color two)

3 6" noodles

Colorado River Rock Small (I used four colors)

Cut and clean all of your components. Place your strips on top of your base. Add your embellishments. Hint: I placed my noodle on top of the white instead of straddling the seam so it wouldn't "sink" during firing.

Run though a full fuse. I always use a bubble squeeze. has a fusing schedule for 96 COE glass. has a fusing schedule for 90 COE glass.

Slump into a square 6" drop out mold. I used Creative Paradise Glass Mold 14. ( Search DROP OUT in my store).




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  • Those are unbelievably gorgeous. You are so talented. Are these for sale?

    Irene on

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