Project Guide: Subtle Movement Plate

Posted by Babette Ogawa on

Subtle Movement

This is a quick plate but one that people always seem to be drawn to. To create this plate, select a sheet of glass that has gentle movement. This plate can be made with or without the embellishments. Without embellishments, cutting needs to be much more accurate.

Take a base measuring 6x6" square.
Cut six one inch by six inch strips of glass from a swirled or wispy piece (I used sour apple)
Add embellishments if you want. I used 1/4" squares and small Colorado River Rock in white. I used noodle in white and amazon.

Place your base down first. Add the strips, one at a time, alternating the direction of the "flow" of the swirls. Place your embellishments. For best results, place noodles on solid glass, not on the cracks between the strips. Otherwise, they tend to sink and wobble.

Variation: Place your design elements on the kiln shelf first and cap with a piece of clear for a deeper look.

Full fuse using a bubble squeeze program.

Slump into a six inch plate form or drop out mold. I used GM14.


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