Kiln Carved Coasters

Posted by Babette Ogawa on

What you'll need

2 square feet of compatible glass (I used 96 Icicle because I like the icy look)

1/8" Fiber Paper

Cookie Cutters & an ink pad (optional)


Cut glass into 4x4" squares. You'll need two for each coaster.

Dip the cookie cutter into the ink pad and stamp onto your 1/8" fiber paper, or just make your own designs.

Hint: You'll want to make each design take up about the same amount of space so that the coasters will retain about the same size once fused. I just eye-ball these. It doesn't have to be too scientific.

Place a sheet of 1/8" fiber paper on your kiln shelf. Assemble the coasters by placing the design elements (cut outs) bumpy side up on the fiber paper. Stack the glass sheets over the cut outs.

Run through a full fuse.

A little bit of cold-working will take off any sharp edges.



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