Project Guide Penguin Holiday Plate

Posted by Babette Ogawa on

This adorable 10" plate goes together in minutes and is sure to be a treasured gift or part of your holiday decorations.

Materials all 96 COE:

Top: 10x10"  (I flipped it over for a more subtle color) OGT 317.02

Base: 10x10" White SP SF200

2 10x1" strips & 2 8x1" strips 355.1 for the border OGT 355.1

Penguin Cluster 96PENGUINXL

Dichroic Strips or other elements of your choice


Make sure that all of your components are squeaky clean. Stack as shown. I did glue this one up with gel glue because of the weight and I didn't want my feet to move.

Firing schedule for MY kiln:

Ramp up 250 per hour to 950

hold at 950 for 20min

1150 for 30

1250 for 30

1400 hold for 15

afap (9999 or as fast as possible) to 950 hold 120 minutes

200 to 800 hold 10

ramp down 300 per hour

Slump into your favorite plate form if desired








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