Project Guide: Lady Bug Picnic Plate

Posted by Babette Ogawa on

Ladybug Picnic ~ All Done In Spectrum System 96 Glass

1 six by six inch base (I used icicle clear)
1 five by five inch sheet for the center top of the plate (I used Sour Apple)
2 strips 1/2 by five inches for borders (I used Amazon Green)
2 strips 1/2 by six inches for borders (I used Amazon Green)
4 pieces of medium Colorado River Rock (I used White Opal)
Black opal for the body
Red opal for the wings
Black stringer for the antennae
Small black Colorado River Rock for the spots and antennae tips

Instructions: Build your plate using the base, border pieces, and center sheet. I don't use adhesive, but you can.

To Build Your Bug: Select artwork from the internet, book, or draw your own.

Make your pattern pieces using oil board or draw directly onto your glass. I actually draw onto paper and then run it through my copy machine using oil board as paper. Then I cut them out. It's pretty slick.

Using a candle or gas stove top, heat your stringer until it glows and then bend to the curved shape.

Add your black dots.

Full fuse on a bubble squeeze program. Slump into a square plate form. I used Creative Paradise GM14 (found in my store.)


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