Quick Tips: Monochrome Mini Puddles

Posted by Babette Ogawa on


1 4x4" sheet Black glass (I used 2mm)

1 4x4" sheet Gray glass (3mm)

1 4x4" sheet White glass (2mm)

1 4x4" sheet of Clear glass (3mm)

Cut each sheet into 1/2" by 1" rectangles. You'll have a bunch of them.

Stack the rectangles with a drop of glue between each piece.

Place on end (as shown) on your kiln shelf covered with thinfire. 

Fuse using a bubble squeeze schedule (full fuse, slow ramp).

VARIATIONS: Use your imagination. Easter colors, Valentine's colors, Christmas colors, earth tones. Half and half (two layers each of single colors). They're all easy and fun. Add some silver foil. Add some mica. Sprinkle frit flakes on the top. 



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