Quick Tips: Working Glass Jewelry Starters + Bonus Project

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I call these "working glass" because this quick project has the glass doing most of the work. 


Clear glass for caps

Large scraps of patterned dichroic on black or clear thin substrate. I try to find patterns with a predictable repeat, but sometimes the more "organic" ones (where I don't do that and cut at random) are actually really cool!


For pendants:

Cut dichroic rectangles 1/2" by 1" (or to your desired size)

Cut an equal number of clear caps 1/2" by 1" (or to your desired size)

For earrings:

Cut dichroic squares 1/2"  (or to your desired size)

Cut an equal number of clear caps 1/2" (or to your desired size)

Place on the kiln shelf which has been covered with Thin Fire:

Place the dichroic pieces on your papered kiln shelf about 1/2" apart.

Cap each dichroic piece with a clear piece of glass. These are tricky. Make sure that the cap and the dichroic are properly aligned. Some people cut their caps a hair larger than the dichro. I do not glue up this type of project because I do not want carbon staining.

Set your kiln to the desired fuse. I want the earring starts to be round and the cabs to be oval. 

Keep notes! These were done in my table top kiln where I could keep a good eye on them. 

Variations: Place clear patterned dichro over a solid or multi colored glass. 

Bonus Project Single Layer Working Glass Jewelry Starts:

Cut patterned dichroic into desired shapes

Fuse just to soften the edges. I do these in my smaller kiln on medium high, just until they start to form rounded squares. If you let them go too long, the patterns distort. 

Left: In the kiln

Right: Finished. These will be pendant and earring sets.





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