Southwest Stack and Puddle

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This is a modified pattern bar project and is a lot of fun.

 Ingredients: five coordinating colors of compatible sheet glass. (I did 6x6")

 Stringers if you want them.

Persimmon, Ivory, Chocolate, Sunflower, Peacock

Make sure your glass is squeaky clean and stack it on your kiln shelf fitted with ThinFire. This is going to spread a lot. Five six inch sheets spread to almost 10".

I added stringers going one direction under the yellow the other direction over the yellow. They acted like ball-bearings and were a pain. I thought they might give me dots which would look fun. They're just another layer to the design interest.

Carefully close the kiln lid (this will want to slide) and run through a full fuse (bubble squeeze) program.

You'll get a slab. A big slab. I could probably make 100 pendants maybe more from this one slab.


Now you've got to break up this slab. On the bumpy side (yes, the side that was on the paper in the kiln), make a deep score to split the slab in half. I break these on the edge of my work bench because it just will not break with running pliers.

The first cut is the most difficult. Continue until you've got pieces the size and shape you want. You can score crazy shapes, turn it over and hit it with a hammer if you want a more organic look. I like the clean edges myself.

Place your pieces edge side up on your kiln shelf leaving plenty of space for them to spread when they puddle.

Run another bubble squeeze schedule.





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