90 COE 1mm DICHROIC COATED STRINGERS on BLACK 20 18" Glass Rods Sandberg CBS

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Coatings by Sandberg dichroic stringers 90 COE. 

  • Each stringer measures about 18 inches long. 
  • Rainbow One coating
  • The dichroic coating measures a little less than 1mm wide and runs the length of the stringer with about 1/2 inch uncoated on each end.
  • Packed in tubes of 20 stringers on black. Tested compatible for great results every time. 
  • 90 COE.  

Please note: I couldn't get the black stringers to cooperate to get a good photo, so the second photo actually shows the rods on clear substrate. Yours will be on black, but this gives you a better representation than the stock photo.