Filigrana Moretti Effetre 13" Choice Crystal w Colored Cores Single Rod 104 COE

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Filigrana rods are great for creating one-of-a-kind beads and marbles. They feature a crystal outside with one or two core colors-- two or three layers of color.  

Width: Standard 

COE: 104 

Manufacturer: Moretti Effetre 

Quantity: single rods (1) 

Length: 13" on average 

Width: 4-6mm on average

Important: Our "break even point" is four rods. Please make sure you order four or more pieces to help us keep our prices low.

These go into the shipping calculator at 4 ounces each.  Any leftover postage is automatically refunded when I print the labels. 1-4 rods ship at the same rate.  Ordering a bunch? Most people do! You'll most likely have postage leftover which we'll refund when we print your label.