064 Black Transparent 8 oz Genuine Moretti Effetre Glass Rods Italy 104 COE

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These genuine Moretti Effetre rods are imported from Italy where they've been made for generations.

PHOTOS: The first photo is the heated color of the rods you are purchasing. The second photo illustrates what the rods look like full length. Each color is sold separately.

WEIGHT: 7.6 to 8.4 ounces. There's a little variation because I try to ship only full rods.

NUMBER OF RODS: 9-11 depending on the width/weight of each rod

COE: 104 

LENGTH: About 13 inches 

WIDTH: 5-6mm standard (can vary slightly)

LABELING: The individual rods are not marked but the package is.

SHIPPING HINTS: Purchase four or more bundles for the best shipping rates. The first two pounds are the most expensive per pound to ship. After that, the per pound price goes down significantly. Make the most of your shipping dollars by buying everything you want in one transaction.