1405 Light Plum Transparent Bullseye 90 COE Glass Sheet 10x10" 90COE Fusible

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Bullseye glass is heavily textured and even solid colors may have a mottled appearance before kiln firing. The sample shown is after being fired (heated to extreme temperatures) in a kiln.

Size: About 10x10"

Sizes vary slightly from sheet to sheet. Bullseye glass has a wavy factory edge on one side that can be up to about an inch in width. The factory edge is included in the measurement. Sheets can be trimmed to at least 9x10 inches.

Category: Double rolled textured art glass

Thickness: Standard 3mm

These double rolled glass sheets are great for stained glass, mosaic and fusing projects. Hand-rolled and controlled for mix consistency, with the unique patterning of true art glass.

COE: 90 Compatible with other 90 COE glass

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